The US military is replacing the Humvee with a huge truck that looks like an angry shark

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If you hanker for the power trip that comes with owning your own Humvee, the time is probably nigh. The US Army has picked a replacement for the aging military vehicle, and that could mean that the army will be dumping its outdated Humvees into the used car market or the junkyard.

The US Army has awarded a $6.7 billion Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program contract to Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense to supply approximately 17,000 vehicles. Depending on US military needs going forward, the contract could eventually be worth $30 billion, according to the Washington Post.

Given the casualties caused by roadside bombs (improvised explosive devises or IEDs) in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon has been fiending for a more robust, faster vehicle, such as Oshkosh’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. Oshkosh designed the JLTV with tank and car characteristics to lend it added protection and speed compared to the Humvee. Oshkosh CEO Charles Szews said in a Washington Post interview that the vehicle has the ”ballistic protection of a light tank, the underbody protection of an MRAP-class vehicle, and the off-road mobility of a Baja racer.” And he added, “It looks kind of mean, which is good for a military vehicle.”

Oshkosh may still have to fend off competition. Lockheed Martin, for instance, said the company “presented a very strong solution”and is considering contesting the award to Oshkosh. AM General, the manufacturer of the Humvee, has more to lose given its dependence (paywall) on Humvee exports.