Forget Google Street View—here’s a cat’s street view

The world through their eyes.
The world through their eyes.
Image: AP/Shuji Kajiyama
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Internet, meet Cat Street View.

Hiroshima prefecture in Japan has created a Google-Street-Viewesque experience of its city of Onomichi—but, you know, for cats.

The gratuitously cute interactive feature lets you explore a shopping arcade from the point of view of a prowling feline, and along the way you can learn about nearby spots and meet 11 adorable local cats:

A nation with 11 cat islands sets a high bar for cat obsessions. Still, Onomichi is known in Japan for its cats, and even has an area called Neko no Hosomichi, or “Path of cats,” and is home to Maneki-neko Museum, which houses over 3,000 lucky feline figurines.

If the 11 cats in your virtual Onomichi stroll don’t satisfy your kitty craving, fear not: According to the Wall Street Journal (paywall), Cat Street View will update its map in October.