Hillary Clinton is expertly trolling the Republican debate again—this time in Spanish

Image: REUTERS/Rick Wilking
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As candidates for the Republican presidential nomination were blasting each other during their second televised debate, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton took some well-aimed potshots on Twitter, highlighting the GOP’s divisive immigration policies in the Hispanic community’s lingua franca.

During the debate, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump derided former Florida governor Jeb Bush for his use of Spanish during the campaign, underlining that the United States is a country “where we speak English.”

Meanwhile, Hillary had no qualms about spreading the news in America’s most-spoken language after English.

“Would you like to receive our reactions to the Republican debate in Spanish via text message?”

“Freedom includes the right to speak in any language. That makes us strong as a country and is something that we must celebrate—not denigrate.”

“The idea that the United States is going to deport 11 million people is absurd–totally absurd,” her campaign tweeted, referencing Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

“Americans who work hard every day should be able to move forward. Our economic challenge is to increase their salaries.”

Clinton also expertly trolled the first GOP debate, by tweeting posters with quotes from the Republican candidates singing her praises, and hanging out with Kanye West and the Kardashians. Tonight, she also opted for an appearance on the Tonight Show.