China’s hacking is only different this time because the New York Times reported it

China tries to stay one step ahead of the media.
China tries to stay one step ahead of the media.
Image: AP Photo / Andy Wong
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China’s hacking of multinational companies has been an ongoing problem, but the cases of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are a big enough deal to catch Washington’s attention.

Companies are wary of going public because they worry China will retaliate. Now that this issue has reached the headlines and caught the attention of policymakers, maybe something will be done.

In my book, “No Ancient Wisdom, No Followers: The Challenges of Chinese Authoritarian Capitalism,“and in a previous Quartz piece, I’ve written about the dangers of getting hacked while doing business in China. 

The unveiling of this latest hacking has severely damaged any modicum of trust between China and global businesses that have been affected, and that includes just about any leading industrial or technology company. But again, it’s hardly a new phenomenon.