Watch: All the things we do in our athleisure in one hilarious video

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Here at Quartz, we—like Vladimir Putin and much of the world—are obsessed with our activewear. And with annual sales of sports and sports-inspired “athleisure” clothing nearing $300 billion worldwide, many of us are clearly wearing our leggings far beyond the gym.

The Sydney, Australia-based comedy team Skit Box and director Christiaan Van Vuuren have tapped into this worldwide zeitgeist with their catchy song and video, Activewear, featuring a bevy of defiantly inactive-looking ladies sporting stretchy pants and sports bras while sipping lattes, smoking cigarettes, and mouthing lines such as “being hungover in my activewear,” “buying activewear in my activewear,” and of course, “never exercising in my activewear.”

It’s just more proof that athleisure knows no nation.