“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Only 5% of Mac users ever need to hear this

“Is it plugged in?”
“Is it plugged in?”
Image: Reuters/Arko Datta
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IBM, the one-time PC king, is now an Apple fanboy. After the two tech giants first announced their landmark partnership last year, the company has been deploying Macs internally at a rapid pace in the last few months—1,900 per week—and it’s saving them a lot of money. IBM’s workforce has found it a lot easier to use Macs.

At the JAMF Nation User Conference in Minneapolis, IBM’s Fletcher Previn revealed that the company has been able to cut costs in IT support since staff were given the option of either PCs and Macs last June. “We just need a lot fewer people to support these machines,” Previn said.

Only 5% of Mac users needed help with their computers, compared with 40% of PC users, according to Previn. IBM currently has 24 help desk staff members to support Macs—one IT staff member for every 5,375 employees. According to Gartner Research, the ideal ratio is 70 to 1.

While Macs are initially more expensive to buy, Previn said “every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money.”

IBM initially said it would be deploying 50,000 Macs to employees by the end of 2015 but a total of 130,000 Macs and iOS devices are already currently in use by the firm.