Welcome to the Idea Economy featuring Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Welcome to the Idea Economy featuring Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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We’re on the cusp of enormous change caused by what we call the Idea Economy—the concept that disruption is all around us, and the ability to turn an idea into a new product or a new industry is more accessible than ever before.

Every company is a technology company today—there’s no getting around it. But being successful takes more than hardware, software, or services. It requires a partner able to bring all these elements together, aligned to your industry, and your enterprise.

HP is launching a new company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to help organizations thrive in this new era where IT and business strategy aren’t separate—they’re inseparable. By bridging traditional IT environments to the new, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will enable customers to transform their business—building flexible IT infrastructures, finding valuable insights in data, dealing with cyber threats, and enabling their workforces to be productive wherever they are.

You’ve seen how a new class of entrepreneurs are making an impact in this new Idea Economy. Now watch how Hewlett Packard Enterprise will help organizations compete in this short film by award-winning filmmaker Alison Klayman (above).

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