A brand-new skateboard stroller reimagines the future of baby transport

A brand-new skateboard stroller reimagines the future of baby transport
Image: Quinny
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Strapping your baby to the front of a skateboard may not sound like responsible parenting, but international stroller manufacturer Quinny thinks it could be. In June 2015Quinny released its “longboard stroller”—basically a child-seat attached to a four-foot-long skateboard—designed in collaboration with Antwerp-based Studio Peter Van Riet

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The advertising, featuring mostly men, seems aimed at urban dads. ”It’s for all parents on the move!” a Quinny representative told Quartz. “But we understand the toys for boys factor in it.” 

Europe leads the rest of the world in parental leave policies—especially when it comes to fathers—allowing some well-deserved time for skating kids around. Parents of both genders in Belgium are legally entitled to up to four months of paid parental leave. Sweden has had paid, protected paternity leave since 1974, and England introduced it in April 2015.

Currently, the stroller is only available to residents of the EU. Quinny told Quartz that “the longboard stroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community.” There are no plans yet to distribute it outside of that area. 


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