A failure at GoJet Airlines is affecting Delta and United flyers

You can’t leave without a crew.
You can’t leave without a crew.
Image: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
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A technical problem at GoJet Airlines caused delays and cancelations for Delta and United passengers on some regional routes. GoJet, which flies more than 220 flights daily to 60 destinations according to its website, operates flights as Delta Connection and United Express.

It is the 14th major technical glitch to affect the US commercial aviation industry in 2015, according to Quartz’s count.

Passengers took to Twitter to complain about the issues.

Some indicated that they were told that the problem was related to crew scheduling.

The extent of the issue or its duration was not immediately clear. Tweets referencing hours-long flight delays at GoJet were first posted on Dec. 1 in the afternoon and continued into Dec 2.

Stacey Ross, a spokeswoman for GoJet, said that a “cutover to a new computer system led to a number of delayed and cancelled flights on December 1.” Neither Delta or United returned requests for comment before.

For a complete rundown of all of the technical glitches that have plagued US aviation this year, visit Quartz’s dashboard.

Update (7:30pm ET): Added comment from GoJet spokeswoman.