If you Google “bubble level” on your phone, it turns into one

“OK Google, how straight is my painting?”
“OK Google, how straight is my painting?”
Image: Google/Screenshot
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If you need to hang a picture or just generally like fixing things, there’s nothing more important than a level. But in case you can’t find yours, or never bothered to pick one up when you finally decided to hang all those pictures gathering dust in the hall closet, Google is there to help.

Google’s search engine is full of little surprises—it can do anything from complex math problems to showing you the symptoms for many diseases. Google doesn’t really list out all the tricks its search can perform, but one Reddit user came across a useful one: If you Google the words “bubble level” on a smartphone, Google will pull up a virtual one to use. It’s that simple. (Be careful not to drop your phone.)

Apple’s iPhone actually comes with its own level built into the operating system, but it’s bizarrely hidden away in the Compass app, and thanks to the flat design refresh that iOS has been sporting for the last few years, it feels more like a postmodern art piece than a useful tool. If you want something that looks like a little green bubble floating in a small sea of green, choose Google’s.

And perhaps soon, Google’s robots will be able to just hang the picture for you.