Europe’s lost generation of unemployed youth keeps on swelling

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youth unemployment january 2013 historical data
The number of unemployed people under 25 has blown up since the financial crisis.
Image: ZeroHedge

The latest unemployment data (PDF) from Europe have more scary news: a “lost generation” of unemployed young people continues to grow. While fewer than 10% of Germans under age 25 are unemployed, a full 62% of young Greeks are out of work, 55% of young Spaniards don’t have jobs, and 38.7% of young Italians aren’t employed. Italy (38.7%) surpassed Portugal (38.6%) in this measure for the first time in January 2013.

And most Europeans aren’t hopeful that the situation will change anytime soon:

unemployment expectations ages 16-29 youth for next 12 months
Young people’s expectations about worsening unemployment have steadily increased since July 2012.