Watch: Little girls performed an insane musical ode to Donald Trump at his rally

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A children’s group called Freedom Kids performed at a rally for the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination last night (Jan. 13), in Pensacola, Florida. The performance is truly one of a kind, and no words can do it justice:

The girls use their perky dance moves to threaten ”enemies of freedom” and explain ”Ameritude,” which, according to the song, is “American pride, it’s attitude, it’s who we are.”

Drawing on the words of The Donald himself, they sing:

President Donald Trump
Knows how to make America great
Deal from strength or get crushed every time.

But the song’s opening line takes the cake:

Are you serious?
Apologies for freedom!
I can’t handle this.

When freedom rings,
Answer the call!
On your feet!
Stand up tall!

Stuck in your head yet?