But as she was on stage, viewers didn’t just see strength, talent, empowerment. In fact, as the Google Trends data on most-searched terms related to Beyoncé shows, people weren’t curious about her historical references, her heritage, her net worth. Instead, they were asking the internet such inane and stereotypical questions about women, it’s hard to tell whether laughing or crying (as in: screaming) is the most appropriate reaction:

Top five search about Beyoncé during the SuperBowl:

  1. How tall is Beyoncé? (In fairness, that is the most asked question about essentially everyone.)
  2. How many kids does Beyoncé have?
  3. How old is Beyoncé?
  4. Is Beyoncé pregnant?
  5. Is Beyoncé married?

To make things even more disappointing, Google reported that during and right after the halftime performance, search for live tickets to see Coldplay saw a 3,800% spike, while the one for Beyoncé “only” went up 1000%.

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