The latest cutting-edge innovation in self-driving technology: office chairs

Obedient office furniture.
Obedient office furniture.
Image: YouTube/Nissan Newsroom
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In the future, everything will drive itself, from our cars, to our buses and trucks—and now it seems, our office chairs. Nissan, the Japanese car maker, has unveiled a new office chair inspired by the autonomous parking technology found in its newer vehicles.

Nissan’s “Intelligent Parking Chairs” can return themselves to their tucked-in position under office desks and meeting room tables when someone claps, like a modern-day version of The Clapper. The chairs have motorized wheel bases and use location data wirelessly transmitted by four cameras dotted around the room they’re in to help them figure out how to get from where they were left, to where they’re supposed to reside. According to Nissan’s promotional video, the chairs would make a great addition to any office where workers tend to leave chairs wherever they feel like it. “Japanese businessmen are now freed from the troublesome task of arranging chairs,” Nissan said in a release.

Nissan told Quartz that the chairs were a “fun and quirky way” to showcase some of the technology found in its cars, but it doesn’t have any plans to make a consumer version of the concept. If Nissan decides to change its mind, though, it could be a boon to office managers everywhere: If coworkers keep missing your meetings, just change their chairs’ home setting, clap your hands, and you’ll be the center of attention.