Donald Trump polls dead last with US Latinos

Don’t get cocky, Mr. Trump.
Don’t get cocky, Mr. Trump.
Image: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
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Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump reportedly won the Latino Republican vote in the Nevada primary, but that doesn’t mean Latinos nationwide like him much.

A recent poll conducted by The Washington Post and Spanish-language broadcaster Univision shows that Trump is resoundingly unpopular among Latino voters. Though he polls second, behind Florida senator Marco Rubio, among Republican Latinos, most Latinos support Democratic candidates, leaving Trump with a net unfavorability of -64%.

Trump launched his campaign last year by calling Mexican immigrants rapists, and his favorability numbers with Latinos have only gotten worse. They started off with seven in 10 Latinos holding an unfavorable view of the New York real estate mogul. Now, eight out of 10 Latinos view him unfavorably—the worst polling of any candidate across the 2016 slate.

The Post also survey tested for a hypothetical match-up between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Trump in the general election. The result was an astounding 57 point deficit among Latino voters, with Clinton taking 73% to Trump’s 16%.