It was an unfortunate, embarrassing, and frankly ugly moment—given that the three cute Asian American kids seemed—like Stacey Dash—entirely unaware that they were being made the butt of the joke. This after, as The LA Times’s black Twitter correspondent Dex Thomas noted, the 2016 Oscars had featured more Minions than Asians onstage. (Minions would feature later in another joke orchestrated by Sacha Baron Cohen—dressed as his hiphop caricature Ali G—riffing on an “overlooked” group of “yellow people with tiny dongs.”)

Besides the cringe-worthy humor, these missteps risked derailing a real and critical conversation about representation and diversity by unleashing a tidal wave of Asian Twitter frustration. The frustration was perhaps understandable, since Asian Americans are so far off the Oscar radar that the only presenters the Academy could hastily pull together to represent our community—Dev Patel, Lee Byung-Hun and Priyanka Chopra—were all foreign nationals who’ve never actually been nominated for an Oscar. But more importantly it threatened to direct attention away from the movie industry’s horrific record on diversity and toward a soul-crushing, divide-and-conquer discussion of black versus Asian relations.

The gag was disappointing, distracting and ultimately, a waste of time, especially since, as Kat Dennings pointed out (Kat Dennings! Star of the sitcom featuring the grossest Asian stereotype in present-day pop culture!) that the Academy had cut short the acceptance speech of the only Asian nominee and winner, Pakistani documentarian Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, while she was urging the world to pay more attention to the global human rights crime of “honor killings.”

Which leaves us with the one silver lining for Asian Americans from last night’s Oscar telecast: The imminent immortalization of hapa Thai American Chrissy Teigen’s expression in the next Unicode emoji release. Dashface all around!

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