You can apply to be a ninja in Japan

Ninjas commute too.
Ninjas commute too.
Image: Reuters//Kim Kyung-Hoon
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Are you physically fit? Are you 18 or older? Do you have the mannerisms of a secretive assassin, and also great people skills?

If the answer to all of these is yes, apply now to be a ninja.

Japan’s Aichi prefecture is reportedly hiring six full-time ninjas to boost tourism in the region. Applicants must have a love of history and acrobatic skills. Proficiency in Japanese is a bonus, but not required. The full job description is available here (in Japanese). Pay is ¥180,000 ($1,600) per month.

Ninjas were secretive spies and assassins in feudal Japan, but Aichi’s ninjas will need to be a lot more comfortable operating in the open. The job requires regular performances and media appearances.

Applications close March 22.