Quartz Daily Brief—Europe and Africa edition—Clinton wins big, Brazil talks impeachment, space monkey graves

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What to watch for today

Brazil’s Congress may revive its impeachment process. Millions of protesters have demanded the ouster of president Dilma Rousseff, and a congressional committee could be tasked with issuing a recommendation on her removal after a closely watched Supreme Court ruling.

The US Federal Reserve weighs in. The two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting comes to an end. In light of disappointing retail sales, the central bank is more likely than ever to hold interest rates steady.

Argentina and China clash. Argentina’s coast guard sunk a Chinese trawler it said was illegally fishing in its territorial waters. The crew members were rescued; China’s foreign ministry is demanding an investigation.

FedEx reveals its quarterly earnings. The delivery giant is expected to report revenue of $12.4 billion, compared with $11.7 billion a year earlier. FedEx and its ilk are often bellwethers for the greater economy.

While you were sleeping

Donald Trump lost to John Kasich in Ohio… The key state chose its own governor Kasich for the Republican nominee for US president—which could lead to a contested convention this summer rather than a Trump coronation. Trump won Florida, prompting Floridian Marco Rubio to bow out of the race.

…While Hillary Clinton had a big night. The Democratic front-runner racked up a convincing series of victories in Florida, North Carolina, and especially Ohio, leaving Bernie Sanders well behind. She also looks set to take Missouri.

China’s premier Li Keqiang acknowledged there will be “ups and downs.” In a news conference marking the end of the 12-day National People’s Congress, Li argued that China can conduct economic reforms without mass layoffs or derailing the nation’s growth trajectory.

Alibaba announced plans for a million-teenager army. The Chinese e-commerce giant plans to train youths in rural areas to start their own online businesses. Alibaba will provide funds and set up partnerships with the China Communist Youth League as part of its efforts, according to state-owned media.

North Korea sentenced a US student to 15 years’ hard labor. Otto Warmbier was arrested for removing a political banner from a hotel. The 21-year-old undergraduate student from the University of Virginia was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial—by a regime that has used detainees as leverage in the past.

Quartz obsession interlude

Amy Wang on music streaming’s fraud problem. “There are ‘tens of thousands of people out there with the technical ability’ to engage in click fraud on streaming services, says Rich Kahn, CEO of online advertising services company eZanga. A strong coding background and an ‘understanding of how the system works’ are all you need.” Read more.

Quartz markets haiku

Oh, karmic justice

Like thunder rattling above

Valeant shares—that hurts

Matters of debate

AI won’t be the death of humanity—probably. Even if they’re smarter than we are, humans can control artificial intelligences.

Bosnia and Albania should take in Syrian refugees. It would help build their case for EU membership.

Mobile payments are falling short in Africa. Kenya has been using smartphone payments for years, but it’s slow to take off in other countries.

Surprising discoveries

A $1,000 camera in China can simulate cosmetic surgery. It slims your face, widens your eyes, and whitens your skin.

Babies know when they don’t know something. It’s called metacognition, and it happens even before speech.

You can visit a monkey astronaut’s grave in Alabama. Miss Baker traveled to space and back in 1959.

Republicans don’t trust science, but they believe in magic. A new resolution recognizes the “rare and valuable art form.”

Japan is hiring ninjas. Applicants must have a love of history and acrobatic skills.

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