The premise behind any music video probably sounds strange when you write it down on paper, but this one has the hokey feel of a boardroom of executives wondering how they can reach “the kids.”

H&M wants you to know it helped choreograph it, too. “H&M has worked closely with choreographer Aaron Sillis to interpret M.I.A.’s music and lyrics into dance moves for the campaign’s video,” the press release says.

Still, if it gets anyone to recycle, it’s done some good, though H&M’s World Recycle Week has lately come under fire. As critics have pointed out, it overlaps with—and could easily overshadow—the growing grassroots Fashion Revolution campaign, which promotes ethical shopping and commemorates the anniversary of Bangladesh’s deadly Rana Plaza collapse.

In addition, those who recycle their clothes at H&M, which allows you to turn in garments at its stores year round, get a voucher for a discount on their next purchase, giving them incentive to buy more clothes. It feeds into the biggest sustainability challenge H&M faces, which is the sheer quantity of clothing it produces.

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