People will eat naked without electricity at this insanely popular organic restaurant

Getting to the bare essentials.
Getting to the bare essentials.
Image: Google Art Project
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The people around you are eating their beans stark naked. But then so too will you if you make it into The Bunyadi—London’s “purest” restaurant.

If you’ve not called for a reservation, you might be waiting a bit. This crunchy new restaurant opening in June already has a waiting list of almost 30,000 people eager to eat in “a Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing.” The get-back-to-basics restaurant will serve up wood-flamed meals in handmade clay pots with edible cutlery, “in a space void of the industrialized-world’s modern trappings,” according to the restaurant.

Full stop.

The pop-up restaurant is set to serve for three months this summer, and will be located in central London. Upon arrival, guests will be able to shed the shackles of modern fashion and stuff it into on-site lockers. Then they’ll step through the “path to purity” into a larger dining space with a bar. More modest patrons will have the choice of dining in a smaller, non-naked section if they aren’t totally comfortable chowing down in the “naked and pure” section. The restaurant can seat 42 people total at any given time.

The restaurant is the brainchild of the same people who started ABQ, a Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar.