In addition to uniformed officers, there are dozens of fit, tall, short-haired men milling around the area, dressed in plain clothes but wearing earpieces.

Image for article titled Photos: Hong Kong protestors are already clashing with police as a top Chinese official visits
Image: Josh Horwitz

When asked why he was standing in the area, one said his “boss” had told him to come to the location for “security.” “That’s all I can tell you,” he said.

Officials in nearby Shenzhen have already arrested five men who were allegedly planning to buy a drone to “create a nuisance” during Zhang’s visit, the South China Morning Post reported. Hong Kong authorities have equated protests with “terrorism” ahead of Zhang’s visit.

“Lion Rock,” which overlooks Kowloon on the city’s north side, is a popular spot for citizens to post political messages. Despite the fact that police camped out on the hillside overnight, a banner went up Tuesday morning:

In order to prevent protestors from pulling up bricks, presumably to hurl at police or Zhang, glue was applied over sidewalks in the area where he is staying:

All glued down.
All glued down.
Image: EPA/Jerome Favre

All this over-whelming security has inspired satire:

And drawn unfavorable comparisons to Queen Elizabeth’s much more casual visit in 1975, when the British still ruled Hong Kong:

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