Jay Z big ups Deutsche Bank—for hiding his drug money

The paper trail is gorgeous.
The paper trail is gorgeous.
Image: Mark VonHolden/Invision for HTC/AP Images
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Fresh from being rebuked by his wife Beyoncé in song, rapper Jay Z is back with a new verse on a Pusha T song, “Drug Dealers Anonymous.”

The song samples The Blaze host Tomi Lahren, who criticized the choice of Beyoncé as Super Bowl halftime performer by lambasting her and her husband: “Your husband was drug dealer! For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine!” Indeed he did! And Jay Z treats the jab as an excuse to remind everyone of how good he was at it. A couple of lines are as follows:

I’m getting ghost, I’m hearing noises
I think it’s the boys, but I been banking at Deutsche

The “boys” are the IRS or the FBI (or both) and the shout-out for helping him evade said boys is to Germany’s Deutsche Bank. (Which Jay Z pronounces more like “Doych.”) Jay Z’s accountant receives similar praise in the verse, but remains anonymous. The rapper’s number cruncher deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his “hula-hooping through loopholes, working around shit.”

At least we now know where Jay Z (net worth: $610 million) does his private wealth management. Or do we? A source familiar with the situation told Quartz that the rapper is not actually a client of Deutsche at all. (Still, great rhyme.)

In any event, Deutsche won’t be happy with the association. Late last year, the troubled bank paid a fine of $258 million for providing financial services to enemies of the US government, just one of many legal missteps that cost it more than $5 billion in fines during 2015. It has also been criticized for its offshore banking practices, as featured in the Panama Papers.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment on its dealings with the Jiggaman.