Chicago’s zoo got a new baby camel and named him Alexander Camelton

Isn’t this enough?
Isn’t this enough?
Image: Lincoln Park Zoo
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Caregivers at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo have finally settled on a name for the new baby Bactrian camel born there last month.

Alexander Camelton. His name is Alexander Camelton.

The animal was named after Alexander Hamilton, the $10 bill presence, overlooked Founding Father, and subject of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. The production will play for the first time outside New York this fall in Chicago.

Hamilton debuted in February 2015 at the Public Theater in New York. Alexander Camelton was born May 9 in front of the public at the zoo’s outdoor camel enclosure. The 4-foot tall, 81-pound animal is the first camel calf born at the zoo since 1998.

Unlike its famously orphaned Founding Father namesake, the camel is the offspring of Nasan and Scooter. There’s a million things he hasn’t done, but just you wait—just you wait.