Soon your iPhone will be able to remind you where you parked your car

Wait, which one was it?
Wait, which one was it?
Image: Flickr/Kevin Krejci/CC BY 2.0
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Searching for a lost car in a sea of similarly shaped and colored vehicles is pain that every driver has experienced. But this could soon be a problem of the past: Apple’s forthcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 10, Apple Maps can now automatically remember where you parked your car.

Once they come to a stop, drivers using Apple Maps will be notified that their phone has dropped a pin on the map at the car’s location, according to AppleInsider. If they park and walk away, they’ll be able to trace their way back by locating the pin. With the impending redesign of the iPhone lock screen, they should be able to use Apple Maps to locate their car without even unlocking their phones.

This is one of myriad updates coming to the iPhone’s operating system this fall, when iOS 10 will be made available to the public. It may be the most useful.

According to Apple, iOS 10 will be available for every iPhone model dating back to the iPhone 5. It’s still unclear whether this will be something you can turn on and off at will, or whether you’ll start getting annoying notifications every time you jump out of a cab. (It’s also worth noting that Apple isn’t the first company to develop this sort of technology—Google’s Waze app has had this functionality for a while, and it’s a somewhat buried feature in Android.)

Just imagine: Life would’ve so been much less interesting on Seinfeld if they’d had iPhones back then.

Image by Kevin Krejci on Flickr, licensed under CC-BY-2.0.