That college degrees are increasingly a requirement to land a job in the US is worrying for many people who can’t afford higher education’s steep fees. As noted by Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown Center and the lead author of the report: “If you can afford to send your kids to college, this is good news. If not, it’s bad news.”

While the report focuses on the US alone, similar trends are shaking other countries. Last week’s shock Brexit result was also brought about by people who lacked higher education (paywall) and who also felt left out by the new, ever more globalized economy and its easy movement of people. The parallels were not lost on Trump supporters, and the man himself suggested that Brexit is a “chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite.”

These words are resonating not with those with expensive BScs and PhDs, but with high-school graduates in a de-industrialized world.

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