JP Morgan Chase continues to bring in the big bucks—no matter what its bank analysts say

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JP Morgan quarterly net income

The numbers: JP Morgan Chase reported earnings per share of $1.59 (pdf), much higher than analysts had expected ($1.39), and revenue of $25.8 billion, slightly lower than analyst estimates. Net income rose from $4.9 billion a year ago to $6.5 billion. The bank’s board also plans to raise dividend payments from $0.30 to $0.38.

The takeaway: The company continues to produce better-than-expected numbers despite the stigma that came from a more than $6 billion trading loss in May 2012—the so-called “London whale.” It’s not yet clear how much money the company will set aside to tackle fines and enforcement actions from regulators who are angry that the bank flouted their oversight.

What’s interesting: Yesterday, a report published by the bank’s research team (separate from its investment banking side) argued that the rest of the decade doesn’t look pretty for the world’s global investment banks because of slim returns and rising regulatory costs. The report even called them “un-investible.” JP Morgan results today—which show strong performance—made its analysts’ argument a tougher sell.