Legal and fair aren’t always the same thing, but even so, it’s hard to argue against the fairness of Miller’s win. Miller and Felix had all the same tools at their disposal, including the option of diving. It’s an unorthodox move, but runners, especially Olympians, know it’s allowed. In fact, David Neville won the bronze for the US in the 2008 Olympics by diving—and beat out a runner from the Bahamas.

US hurdler Lolo Jones, who has competed in two Olympics, including the 2008 games, pointed out that it’s something many runners have done at some point, and perfectly fair.

The likely reason more races don’t end in dives—aside from the fact that diving onto solid ground while running at full speed is terrifying and could lead to injury—is that, as Vox reported, you begin to slow down the instant you leave your feet. It’s only useful in the very last moment of a race as a way to project your torso as far forward as possible, which according to the rules, is all that matters at the finish line.

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