Vacationgate boils down to a problem that Trump perfectly embodies: America’s tortured relationship with work. Despite the research on the importance of vacations, more than two-fifths didn’t take any vacation in 2014, according to CBS News. That’s only in part because the US is the only advanced economy that doesn’t require paid vacations (nearly a quarter of its workers don’t get paid vacations or holidays). Of those who do take time off, nearly a third spend their vacation glued to their mobile device.

That said, Obama isn’t exactly the paragon of work-life balance either. Obama has taken far less vacation than his predecessor, George W. Bush, says Matthew Dickinson, political science professor at Middlebury College, in a blog post about presidential vacation habits. Plus, no president truly gets to truly unwind; he still receives daily intelligence and security briefings.

Despite inevitable interruptions, one of the better exemplars of presidential unplugging is Harry Truman, who headed to Key West to de-stress. As Dickinson recounts, Truman spent his days lounging on the beach while his staff played volleyball in between meetings. At night he played small-stakes poker. Not a bad way to unwind from high-stakes politics.

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