Infographic: The encouraging progress of chip-enabled payment cards

Infographic: The encouraging progress of chip-enabled payment cards
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When Visa first introduced a roadmap to bring chip technology to U.S. payments five years ago, it set out to improve the security of merchant systems and eliminate counterfeit fraud. As each year brings a new series of high-profile security breaches, the importance and pace of this transition to chip technology has only accelerated.

This chip technology works by generating new codes for each individual credit or debit transaction. On cards without the embedded chip, account information stored on magnetic stripes never changes and can be copied, making accounts vulnerable to counterfeit fraud. Chip cards create unique, one-time use codes for every transaction so that stolen information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards.

Today we are one year into the move to chip technology, and already, progress has been encouraging. Explore the infographic below to see how the industry has forged ahead and equipped businesses with chip technology they need to make payments more secure.


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