It looks like Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops will be out very soon

Time to clear these out.
Time to clear these out.
Image: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
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For anyone who has been holding their breath waiting for Apple to finally update its laptops, it seems that you’ll soon get your wish. A new report from MacRumors suggests that Apple is getting ready to host an event at the end of October to show off its updated MacBook Pro line of computers, possibly on Oct. 24.

Some Apple computers haven’t been updated in nearly three years, and the company’s current flagship laptops have been left untouched since May 2015. Apple released an upgraded version of its MacBook line earlier this year, but super-thin computers aren’t particularly powerful—last year’s smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, are about as fast as these Macs, so many have been holding out for a laptop with a little more under the hood.

Details about the revamped MacBook Pro have been sketchy, but according to 9to5Mac, it seems that the laptops will have a new small touchscreen strip about the keyboard that will replace the physical function buttons. They will also have four USB-C ports, and a power button with TouchID—the fingerprint-scanning technology used in iPhones and iPads—built-in. It’s also likely that the new laptops will come in the same range of finishes as the current MacBook line—gold, grey, rose gold, and silver—but hopefully Apple doesn’t release options to match the newest iPhone colors, as a jet black MacBook would get scratched into oblivion in no time. Reports also suggest that, unlike the new iPhone, the new MacBook Pros will likely still have a headphone jack, thankfully.

There’s no word yet whether Apple also plans to update its MacBook Air line of computers, or whether the MacBook is meant to replace it. It’s also unclear when Apple will update its desktop computers: The Mac Pro is a dinosaur in consumer tech years at this point, and the Mac Mini is also an antique. Apple wasn’t immediately available to comment on its plans.