Trump’s attacks were painfully personal: Instead of focusing on Clinton’s policies or record, he harped on accusations of sexual assault against her husband, while failing to meaningfully apologize for his own lewd, predatory remarks. Bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelities does not poll well, and Trump’s own recently-resurfaced remarks are dragging him down. 

But it was more than just words. Throughout the debate, Trump, who is 6’2″, lurked behind Clinton, sometimes appearing to enter her personal space. He also pointed his finger at her, adopting the aggressive body language of some of Clinton’s past opponents, notably Rick Lazio, who famously crowded her by walking across the debate stage to have Clinton sign a campaign finance pledge during the 2000 congressional campaign. Overall, Trump appeared bullying, menacing and threatening—something that many female watchers noticed.

Finally, the difference between the two rivals’ preparation, policy knowledge and experience was stark—a contrast all too familiar to women in the working world.

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