Barack Obama has dropped a solid workout playlist

Sports. I play them.
Sports. I play them.
Image: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
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As an increasingly nasty election season enters its final weeks, Americans are stressed out. Getting in a few anxiety-relieving cardio sessions may not be a bad idea.

Barack Obama perhaps sensed this: The sitting president just shared his fitness playlist—a ten-track medley of sprightly tunes from various eras. The mix, which Obama published while guest-editing Wired magazine this week, includes a few obvious crowd-pleasers like Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” and the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started.” There are also bold classics such as Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman,” thrown in alongside melodies by contemporary artists such as Jay Z and Icona Pop.

Music has been a cornerstone of the president’s cool-guy public image throughout his entire presidency. Obama made a point of sharing his playlists even back during his first campaign in 2008, to appeal to younger voters. He recently hosted a music festival on the White House lawn. And this summer, Obama’s released a playlist featuring both “daytime” and “nighttime” tracks, which received widespread approval—as well as some ribaldry about the romantic slow jams among the “nighttime” picks.

For next time you head to the gym, here’s Wired’s handy Spotify version of Obama’s list: