Salma Hayek is the latest woman to complain about Trump’s advances

The answer is no.
The answer is no.
Image: Reuters/Regis Duvignau
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Mexican actress Salma Hayek has a personal Donald Trump story, and it’s not very flattering.

She told a Los Angeles Calif. radio station on Oct. 21 that the Republican presidential candidate asked her out (link in Spanish) years ago, even though he knew she had a boyfriend at the time.

Hayek, who has been campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, said Trump got her home number by pretending to be a friend of her boyfriend. She declined his invitation to go on a date, saying she wouldn’t go out with him even if she didn’t have a boyfriend. Later, she added, the National Enquirer published that Donald Trump wouldn’t go out with her because she was too short.

After that, Hayek received another call from Trump, acting surprised and telling her she didn’t want people to believe that story. “The man thought that I was going to try to go out with him so that nobody thought that he wouldn’t go out with me because of that,” she said.

The anecdote came up when Hayek, who was on the show to rally the Latino vote, was asked about her thoughts on the women who have denounced Trump for sexual misconduct.“I think that they do well, and I don’t doubt it for a second,” she said.

Trump, who said he would sue his accusers, has not publicly commented on Hayek’s remarks. As of press time, Trump’s campaign had not responded to Quartz for a request for comment.