What will happen on November 8? Predictions from astrologers around the world

Be skeptical.
Be skeptical.
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The 2016 US presidential election has been a roller coaster ride of accusation, exaggeration and sometimes improbable nonsense. US voters and outside observers alike are feeling helpless, disillusioned, and tired by the back-and-forth. So are the candidates. And just days before the vote, experts and analysts still disagree on what opinion polls augur.

To help you through the last uncertain hours of this international spectacle, Quartz turned to an ancient wisdom of last resort: reading the stars. We asked three influential fortune-tellers—Trump’s own feng shui and Chinese zodiac expert, an American celebrity astrologer, and a Cancun-based astrologer of the Mayan calendar—to look into the future and tell us what to expect on Nov. 8.

Here are their forecasts:

“Trump will be in ‘crashing cycles’ in the next two years.”

Master Pun-Yin is a Chinese feng shui master in New York, who has previously worked for Donald Trump as a consultant on the construction of Trump International Hotel and Tower. Pun-Yin analyzed each candidate according to the 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar and the elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) that traditionally define character.

Clinton was born in 1947, the year of the pig. People born in the year of the pig are currently in a “low cycle”, an unlucky time of constant obstacles, says Pun-Yin. You can’t get more unlucky than being publicly tied to an Anthony Weiner sexting scandal in the 11th hour of a presidential campaign. However, Clinton does possess all five character elements, making for a well-balanced temperament. She has three “water” elements, which suggest empathy and diplomatic skill behind what Pun-Yin describes as “the front of the iron woman.”

Trump was born in 1946, the year of the dog. According to the Chinese zodiac, he is currently in his “high cycle,” says Pun-Yin. Half of Trump’s elemental composition is “earth,” and its heaviness suggests Trump holds personal grudges. He lacks water (empathy). He also lacks metal (an element traditionally represented by gold), for which he might compensate by seeking material things and, say, insisting everything be gold-colored.

Trump will enter two years of bad luck starting Feb 5, 2017, the year of the rooster, cautions Pun-Yin. He will be confronted with even worse trouble in 2018, when his own zodiac clashes with another year of the dog. Highlighting Trump’s aggressive demeanor, Pun-Yin says: “The voters already see how Trump is when things are going his way. Can you imagine in the next two cycles, when he’ll be in crashing cycles?”

“A recount becomes necessary.”

Well over one year ago, US astrologer Susan Miller predicted an election recount for Nov. 8—reasonable enough, considering that recounts took place during US elections in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. The creator of, Miller has nearly 300,000 Twitter followers, her own TV show and a paid horoscope subscription service. On Election Day, she says, Neptune will conjunct with the moon and cause confusion.

Hillary is a Scorpio, a sign that prefers privacy. Her recent birthday, Oct. 26, makes it a good time of the year for the presidential hopeful. Here’s her horoscope for Nov. 8, according to Miller:

Expect to be in the spotlight with a lot of attention aimed at you as your daily work schedule undergoes a radical and surprising shift. This may be a time when you are truly able to step into your own and be proud of your accomplishments. While you are the center of the attention, you may also be the recipient of some good financial news that comes as a result of your new stature. You may finally have arrived at a place you have long sought.

With her every email and stumble scrutinized, Clinton has undoubtedly been the center of the attention. And as a challenger to Obama in the primaries back in 2008, the Oval Office is certainly a place she’s long sought.

Trump is a Gemini, a conceptual person who loves to talk, but “sometimes a little too much,” Miller says. He was born with Uranus—the planet of chaos, disruption, and surprise—conjunct to the Sun. For his Nov. 8 horoscope, Miller writes:

Expect surprises today from your business associates. Whether that involves a shift away from previous alliances or a radical new direction, you may be taken aback by the method and mannerisms of those with whom you work closely. Team projects may also carry a certain level of bubbling expectation or even rebellion as you try to navigate the waters of your relationships within those associations. Ultimately the day will be about kindness and subtle gestures that reinforce your bond.

Will the business mogul face “rebellion” on the scale of last month’s mass Republican walkout, following revelations of Trump’s locker-room talk? Or will he learn to build support through ”kindness and subtle gestures” just in time?

“Challenging” for Clinton but “compatible” for Trump

Cancun-based astrologer Aiesha Cosmos is an expert of the Mayan calendar system, which consists of a 13-day cycle that interlocks with a 20-day cycle. Each day represents a sign, multiplying to a total of 260 signs that represent a person’s inner self and outer self.

Clinton’s inner self sign is “ik 9 guided by etznab, with the purpose of ix,” says Cosmos, who translates this as ”white solar wind guided by the mirror, with the purpose of the jaguar priestess.” People with the wind sign think about themselves first and foremost, and reject limits. Clinton’s form as a jaguar priestess makes her a servant of higher powers, but not of the people—reflecting both accusations that she represents an out-of-touch elite, and her popularity in America’s C-suites. Nov. 8 will be a challenging moment for Clinton.

Trump’s inner self sign is “akbal 4 guided by cauac,” translating to “blue self-existing night guided by the storm.” The night connects Trump to the womb of dreams in the universe, suggesting that the real estate developer is particularly good at conceiving things and turning them into reality. The storm means he embodies an inner hurricane of self-contradiction, and his inner purpose is defined by the Sun, a sign of love and humility. Trump’s outer self purpose is the serpent—an animal that represents sexual energy. “He needs to be in a temple for his being, so he could be away from the world to cultivate his higher values,” says Cosmos, who notes that Nov. 8 is a lucky day for him.

At a time when US politics can seem to be spinning wildly out of control, dabbling in mysticism may help create a sense of order in the universe. There’s only one other activity that offers the same satisfying feeling: actually voting.