What time do the polls close?

Don’t wait till it is too late.
Don’t wait till it is too late.
Image: Reuters/ Jim Young
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Election day in the US is finally upon us, and while early voting is becoming more popular than ever, most Americans will cast their votes today.

Closing times vary from state to state, and some states allow voters who are in line by closing time to stay and cast a ballot. Here is a state-by-state guide to when the polls close, given in local time for each state.

Alabama: 7 pm

Alaska: 8 pm

Arizona: 7 pm

Arkansas: 7:30 pm

California: 8 pm

Colorado: 7 pm

Connecticut: 8 pm

Delaware: 8 pm

Florida: 7 pm

Georgia: 7 pm

Hawaii: 6 pm

Idaho: 8 pm

Illinois: 7 pm

Indiana: 6 pm

Iowa: 9 pm

Kansas: 7 pm

Kentucky: 6 pm

Louisiana: 8 pm

Maine: 8 pm

Maryland: 8 pm

Massachusetts: 8 pm

Michigan: 8 pm

Minnesota: 8 pm

Mississippi: 7 pm

Missouri: 7 pm

Montana: 8 pm

Nebraska: 8 pm in the Central Time Zone and 7 pm in the Mountain Time Zone

Nevada: 7 pm

New Hampshire: Closing times vary by polling station; most close by 7 pm

New Jersey: 8 pm

New Mexico: 7 pm

New York: 9 pm

North Carolina: 7:30 pm

North Dakota: Closing times vary by polling station, between 7 pm and 9 pm

Ohio: 7:30 pm

Oklahoma: 7 pm

Oregon: No polling hours. Oregon votes by mail, ballots must be returned by 8 pm

Pennsylvania: 8 pm

Rhode Island: 8 pm

South Carolina: 7 pm

South Dakota: 7 pm

Tennessee: 7 pm in the Central Time Zone and 8 pm in the Eastern Time Zone

Texas: 7 pm

Utah: 8 pm

Vermont: 7 pm

Virginia: 7 pm

Washington: No polling hours. Washington State votes by mail, ballots must be returned by 8 pm

Washington D.C.: 8 pm

West Virginia: 7:30 pm

Wisconsin: 8 pm

Wyoming: 7 pm

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