Two cucks walk into a bar: “Silicon Valley” stars encounter Trump fans in Los Angeles

Two cucks in happier times.
Two cucks in happier times.
Image: AP/Invision/Richard Shotwell
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No one is immune from the newish insult of the Trump age, “cuck”—not even the stars of the show “Silicon Valley.”

Cuck is short for “cuckservative,” a term spawned by the alt-right to taunt conservatives who opposed Donald Trump by comparing them to cuckolded husbands—yes, it all comes back to Freud. Now, with Trump’s presidential victory official, his supporters are slinging the word freely and gleefully online and in real life, whether the anti-Trump targets are conservatives or comedians.

On Nov. 11, actors Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch were in a bar in Los Angeles when they had a disconcerting encounter. Nanjiani, who is famously hilarious, recounted the tale in somber tweets on Nov. 12.

Middleditch confirmed this.

Nanjiani also responded to critics on Twitter who doubted the account after he shared.

Luckily, the stars lived to tweet another day. But Nanjiani doesn’t sound as certain about the fate of others like him. Trump supporters may forgive his wife Melania her foreignness, but they certainly don’t seem inclined to empathize with all the other immigrants who have been making America great.