“Hamilton” and 20 other things that are “overrated” or “boring,” according to art critic Donald Trump

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American president-elect Donald Trump has lots of opinions on pop culture. So many, in fact, that he now has his very own parody Twitter account that imagines how he’d describe the plot lines to famous films. Here’s one: “Terrorists, who are failing by the way, blow up a big beautiful Death Star built by very smart people. Sad!” You can probably guess the film.

But these satirical tweets are no match for the very real, very emphatic tweets by Trump himself about various people and things across art, entertainment, and media.

A perusal of Trump Twitter Archive, a site that has made all 25,000 of Trump’s tweets since 2009 easily searchable, reveals that the next president of the United States loathes the ABC sitcom Modern Family, actor Samuel L. Jackson, and Madonna. Most recently, he attacked NBC’s Saturday Night Live for being “one-sided.” And after the cast of Broadway’s Hamilton read a letter to vice president-elect Mike Pence (who was in the audience) last week, Trump tweeted that he heard the show was “highly overrated” (author’s note: it’s not).

While these are just tweets, they underscore a US president-elect who is demonstrably thin-skinned and vindictive—traits utterly unbecoming of the office for which he was elected. Satire and criticism are an important part of American life, and they’re not going to stop just because Trump has become president.

“Overrated” is far from the only strong adjective Trump has used to label works of art. He’s also a huge fan of “boring,” “sucked,” “terrible,” “talentless,” “awkward,” “garbage,” and many more. Positive modifiers, like, say, “wonderful,” or “beautiful,” are tougher to come by.

This is pop culture, according to Donald Trump:




“Sucked” or “Stinks”

“No talent”


“Awkward and insecure”


All of the above