Here’s how to stop that annoying handwriting feature when you tilt your iPhone

You can finally turn that phone.
You can finally turn that phone.
Image: Wikipedia/ CC BY-SA 2.0
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For whatever reason, some people like to type in landscape mode on their iPhones. But in the latest iOS software, Apple changed the tried-and-true method of changing the keyboard to landscape (tilting the phone horizontally) to instead initialize a handwritten message.

It’s annoying enough to be a pain point, but not so annoying as to lead a person to turn on the Orientation Lock and never look at anything in landscape ever again.

David Smith, an iOS developer, figured out the painfully obvious way to change this: tapping the keyboard in the lower right-hand side. That will launch the landscape keyboard.

To turn the handwriting back on, tap the icon in the same place on the landscape keyboard.