A viral video of Bhangra-dancing Sikhs shoveling snow is bringing holiday cheer to the internet

Happy faces.
Happy faces.
Image: Maritime Bhangra Group
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A Canada popular music group is taking over the internet by combining bhangra dancing and snow-shoveling.

The video, first released on Dec. 15 by the Maritime Bhangra Group, quickly gained millions of viewers, who seem as pleased with the message of cultural inclusion as they do with their dance moves.

The group of three Sikh men is filmed shoveling snow in a parking lot in in Canada’s east coast city of Halifax, before the music kicks in and they fling the snow into the sky, then perform a choreographed routine in their t-shirts. Their original Facebook post of the video asks viewers to donate to a non-profit organization that supports research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a nervous system disease that affects one’s motion abilities.

People are feeling the holiday cheer. “This video made me very happy. Thank you. Hopefully the donation I made will make someone as happy as you have made me,” commented Christiane Levesque under the group’s post, while Facebook user Sarah George said the video brought joy to Canada, “We saw this video through CBC (local news channel) and have now watched it at least a dozen times. thank you for bringing so much joy to our family & the rest of Canada.”