For many, 2016 unfolded like a horror movie and a farce, so the filmmakers at Friend Dog Studios gave the past 12 months the appropriate cinematic treatment: a parody horror trailer for “2016: The Movie.”

The filmmakers have tapped into the zeitgeist of this moment as the year comes to a close—less celebratory than defiant: “Fuck 2016” is the theme of New Year’s parties from Los Angeles to Louisville, from New York to Amsterdam, turning the year-end revelry into a wake with bottle service.

The trailer thankfully stays away from some of the most brutal tragedies of the year—Syria’s civil war and the refugee crisis, terrorism, police brutality, and simmering geopolitical tensions. And it culminates with a personification of the year itself, oozing a braggadocio and self-esteem that may sound familiar: “I have the best months,” it declares. “Everyone says I’m a great year.”

After a spooky lullaby of Auld Lang Syne, the narrator reminds us the year may be over but the horror isn’t: “We’re just getting started.”

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