With one picture, the Swedish deputy prime minister elevated trolling to a diplomatic art

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On Jan. 23, two days after millions marched to call for the protection of women’s rights, US president Donald Trump signed his second executive order, reinstating the Mexico City Policy and effectively cutting US foreign aid to all organizations that provide reproductive health services that are in any way involved in abortion—either practicing, or counseling on it.

The decision was criticized by women’s right groups, for whom the widely published image of the signing of the order came to epitomize one of the core underlying problems of Trump’s policies on gender issues: of the political staff present in the Oval Office, none is a woman.

Just over a week later, Swedish deputy prime minister Isabella Lövin signed a climate law requiring her country’s government to achieve zero emissions by 2045. Lövin posted a picture of the signing to her Twitter account; it may look familiar:

The image mirrors the one shot in the Oval Office—but this time, there are no men present for the signing. The photo quickly went viral, with Twitter users quick to notice the apparent elegant trolling of Trump’s administration. Other Swedish government agencies and non-government organizations showed their support by sharing pictures of their own all-women delegations at work.