Why Jackie Chan was carrying two stuffed pandas on the red carpet of the Oscars

Group photo.
Group photo.
Image: AP Photo/Matt Sayles
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Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan walked down the red carpet with two cute companions at the Oscars.

Chan, who was awarded an honorary Oscar last year for his “extraordinary achievements,” attended tonight’s (Feb. 26) 89th Academy Awards ceremony holding two panda toys.

“I am the ambassador of panda,” the Hong Kong actor told interviewer Ryan Seacrest. The two panda plush toys, dressed in yellow jackets and shiny silver boots, represent the two real pandas that Chan adopted in China. “After earthquake, they get hurt, I raise them,” said Chan, referring to the earthquake that hit Sichuan province, home of the giant panda, in 2008 which killed some 87,000 people.

62-year-old Chan adopted a female and male panda named Cheng Cheng and Long Long in Sichuan in 2009 through a donation of one million yuan ($145,000). “Cheng” and “Long” are the two Chinese characters in Chan’s name in Mandarin.