Donald Trump is really excited about this book with no words in it

Party foul.
Party foul.
Image: Courtesy Threshold Editions
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A book with no content is a hit with US Republicans and president Donald Trump.

Titled Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, by actor and editor Michael J. Knowles, the 260-page book is nearly entirely blank. Knowles self-published the book in March with surprising success, selling 85,000 copies and hitting the Number 1 spot on Amazon. Last week, Threshold Editions, the Simon & Schuster imprint that signed and then dropped Milo Yiannopoulos earlier this year, announced it would release a second edition.

The book has chapters on economics, civil rights, homeland security, and immigration, all of which contain no words. “It took a lot longer to study it than to write it,” says Knowles, a longtime Republican and conservative. “It took me 15 minutes to write the book.”

The president endorsed the $9.99 gag today:

The president often endorses books critical of the Democratic Party on Twitter. His praise is usually so vague it casts doubt on whether he’s actually read the book, but this one is likely an exception.

“I’m honored that President Trump enjoyed this important work of scholarship,” says Knowles.