Eight alternate headlines for Brad Pitt and Ryan McGinley’s wild, whacky GQ cover shoot

See you at the dunes.
See you at the dunes.
Image: Reuters/Juan Medina/File
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In the latest issue of GQ Style, Brad Pitt gives a candid interview about his life after divorce from Angelina Jolie and his struggles with addiction. The profile of the actor was photographed by Ryan McGinley, an editorial and fine art photographer with a knack for taking celebrities out of their comfort zone.

The two men embarked on what looked to be a rather epic romp through America’s national parks. It’s a wild and rapturous photo essay, to say the least, and the internet is already churning out memes. A few alternate headlines for GQ Style occurred to us:

Benjamin Button disease is real and Brad Pitt is slowly collapsing into his pants

It took us eight days to photograph Brad Pitt, but it was worth every second

The unexpected tribute to our National Parks you didn’t know you needed

In the age of Trump, two artists have created a stirring tribute to what makes America great

A meditation on the importance of staying hydrated when visiting White Sands National Monument

Brad Pitt is officially the best dressed person to ever step foot into Carlsbad Caverns

Brad Pitt is so ready for another Terrance Malick film

Comme des Garçons shirt: $485. Everglades National Park entry fee: $25. bug spray: $4.99. Even more bug spray: $4.99. Smashing mosquitos all over your goddamn $485 Comme des Garçons shirt: priceless.