Zimbabwe has suspended the hunting of wildlife following the death of Cecil the lion

A photo of the Hwange National Park where Cecil the lion was a major attraction.
A photo of the Hwange National Park where Cecil the lion was a major attraction.
Image: Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo
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The controversial killing of the famous lion Cecil has prompted Zimbabwe to suspend the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in areas surrounding the Hwange National Park.

Since hunting in the Hwange National Park is not allowed, the new measures are meant to prevent instances of illegal killings of wildlife outside the park. Cecil was lured outside the park’s grounds and then killed.

But it was not entirely clear from a Zimbabwe Parks authorities statement if hunting has been suspended entirely.

In a press statement—released on the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s website—the director-general, Edson Chidziya, stated the authority was working with law enforcement agencies to curb any further breaches of Zimbabwe’s hunting regulations.

But under the new measures, anyone wishing to hunt wildlife can still obtain the permission of the Parks Authority by applying in writing. Hunters must be accompanied by a parks staffer. Bow and arrow hunting has been suspended, though the statement says that hunters may still apply for a bow and arrow hunting permit.

BBC reports that in response to growing calls to ban trophy hunting and the transport of wildlife trophies, three American major airlines: Delta Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines, have decided to ban the shipment of hunting trophies.

In a tweet earlier today, American Airlines stated that their ban was effective immediately.