New iPhone, who dis?

Apple launched its most expensive iPhone yet

The iPhone15 comes with a new charging port amid otherwise minimal improvements

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Tim Cook at the Wonderlust event.
Tim Cook kicked off Apple’s Wonderlust event, where the newest iPhone models were debuted.
Photo: Loren Elliott (Reuters)

The iPhone 15 is officially here. As with previous new models of Apple’s mobile phone, it will have a slightly better camera, a slightly better screen, and a slew of other marginal improvements and options (for example, it now comes in pink). It also will come with a record-high price for an iPhone, at least for customers of the iPhone Pro Max.

Similar to the iPhone 14, the new version includes a basic model (the iPhone 15), a basic model with a larger screen (the iPhone 15 Plus), a luxury model (the iPhone 15 Pro), and a luxury model with a larger screen (the aforementioned Pro Max).


The cost of most of the iPhone 15 models will stay the same as previous versions, while the price of the iPhone Pro Max will jump $100 to $1,199, making it the most expensive iPhone ever. It also come with potential upgrades to the model’s technical specifications, including a version with a full terabyte of storage that will cost $1,599.

The new models were debuted today at Apple’s “Wonderlust” event. While customer reaction remains to be seen, investors were unimpressed. Apple’s stock was down 2% in late-session trading, to $175.78 per share.


Apple embraces the USB-C charger, after EU pressure

The new phone’s most significant hardware difference is the introduction of a new type of charging port. Instead of Apple’s proprietary lightning cable, the iPhone 15's charging and headphone port uses the USB-C standard.

This change comes roughly a year after the European Commission ruled that all smartphones must use USB-C for charging ports, citing the cost to consumers of having to own multiple types of cables. The new iPhones will finally meet that criteria just months ahead of the commission’s 2024 deadline.

In addition, Apple has replaced the mute switch on the side of the phone with the customizable “Action Button,” which can be programmed to do things like turn on the camera or start a voice memo.


Apple executives also announced they would be phasing out leather from iPhone and iPad cases, as well as the company’s Apple Watch wristbands, citing environmental concerns.

As for the company’s other products, the event also showcased the new Apple Watch Ultra 2—with similarly minimal upgrades—while updates to the MacBook line are expected in October.


Quotable: The iPhone’s stagnant design

“LOL she said ‘all new design’ with a straight face.” Tech influencer Marcus Brownlee’s instant reaction to the new iPhone’s familiar features.


Apple increases prices as older iPhones hold their value

Kicking off the “Wonderlust” event, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s VP of iPhone product marketing, qualified the price increase on the iPhone Pro Max by saying that iPhones “hold value longer than any other smartphone,” casting the newest iPhone models as both a luxury purchase and an investment with resell value.


Indeed, more and more consumers priced out of buying the high-end new models are embracing the resell market—with Apple’s blessing. The company began selling refurbished models on its website in 2016, listing used models for hundreds of dollars under their original price.

So, as Apple raises its smartphone prices far above its competitors, the company understands that it isn’t marketing the newest iPhone to everyone.


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