Will Bob Iger help Disney World workers?

Fixing how Disney’s theme parks work doesn’t seem to be the top agenda item for Iger. After all, the parks make plenty of money already. The division accounted for a third of Disney’s revenue and more than half its operating income over the first nine months of 2022. And it’ll likely bring in loads more, especially given the planned ticket price hikes.


Iger’s immediate focus is on plugging the financial holes that Bob Chapek, his predecessor, left in the streaming business.

Under Chapek, Disney+ increased its content spending to around $30 billion this fiscal year, while charging customers far less than rivals. The customers poured in, but so did losses for the unit, which reached $1.5 billion.


Now Disney will prioritize making money with streaming rather than just adding subscribers, Iger said during a town hall yesterday (Nov. 28), as the Wall Street Journal reported.

Charted: Bob Iger’s return is helping Disney’s ailing stock


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