Trump at Davos, impeachment trial begins, robot fish-killers

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What to watch for today

Donald Trump is speaking at Davos. The US president is talking about American progress during his tenure. Find out who else is around with our Davos Daily Brief.

On the same day, Trump’s impeachment trial begins. Democrats are expected to push for several amendments to the rules laid out by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. They want a longer timeline for the trial, and to be able to call witnesses and seek documents more easily.

Investors tune in to Netflix. The streaming giant reports fourth quarter earnings today, with analysts expecting a significant slowdown in new subscriptions, amid more competition. The company’s stock price has been flat over the last year, and is far behind the S&P 500.

While you were sleeping

Facebook said it will hire 1,000 people in London. The social media giant is creating these roles to tackle harmful content, bringing its UK workforce to more than 4,000 people.

Boeing reportedly talked to banks about borrowing $10 billion. The US aviation firm has already secured $6 billion, amid rising costs related to the grounding of its 737 Max, following two fatal crashes. It seeks re-certification for the aircraft from regulators.

Uber sold its food delivery business in India. Zomato has bought Uber Eats’ India division for an all-stock transaction of $350 million that will leave Uber with a 10% stake. Users, drivers, and restaurants will now be redirected to the Zomato platform.

China confirmed human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus. Local authorities said a fourth person had died from the pneumonia-like virus, which has infected more than 200 people in four countries. The WHO will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss the outbreak.

Harry and Meghan began their new life in Canada. The Duke of Sussex joined his wife and son Archie in Vancouver Island. The couple will no longer have access to British public funds, but are expected to cash in on “Brand Sussex,” free of royal restrictions.

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A third of the world plays video games. As the industry grows, it’s influencing much more than how we spend our free time. From entertainment to government to health care, industries are trying to distill and deploy gaming’s immersive power.

Matters of debate

Banning facial recognition misses the point. It’s just one of the many tools that governments and corporations use to spy on people.

It’s impossible to be ethical and competent. A survey of 34,000 people in 28 countries found that no institution is considered both.

The American Dream has headed north. A new World Economic Forum ranking found that Canada—along with most Western countries—has more social mobility than the US.

Surprising discoveries

Davos secretly ranks delegates by importance. Virtually all attendees are placed somewhere between level 1–7.

Just one device can make your entire home “smart.” Enhancing your electrical panel can manage energy consumption across your appliances and devices.

Direct-to-consumer orthodontia is now a thing. Its rise over the past decade is a practical—if not entirely risk-free—solution to the terrible state of dental insurance in the US.

A new living, microscopic robot can “eavesdrop” on cells. It’s made of frog cells, and might further our understanding of how cells interact.

While a harpoon-wielding robot is tackling Florida’s lionfish problem. The remotely-operated vehicle is a better alternative to diving humans.

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