Iranian polls, Irish impasse, chunky tongues

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What to watch for today and over the weekend

G20 finance leaders discuss the coronavirus. China is struggling to maintain economic output and other economies will also take a hit, making it a key topic of discussion at a two-day meeting that starts tomorrow in Riyadh. Meanwhile, Chinese businessmen are scouring Africa for surgical face masks, US pork producers see a golden opportunity, and garlic prices (paywall) are set to skyrocket.

Iranians head to the polls. Today’s parliamentary election marks the first vote since weeks of deadly anti-government protests, the US killing of general Qasem Soleimani, and the subsequent downing of a Ukrainian plane by Iranian forces. Nearly half the candidates were disqualified, tipping the scale toward wins for hardliners.

Thailand rules on disbanding the opposition Future Forward Party. The election commission ruled that the country’s third-largest political party’s $6 million loan from its leader was illegal, and recommended the dissolution of the party—which the constitutional court will decide on today. The FFP has maintained its innocence as it faces multiple legal challenges.

While you were sleeping

Ireland’s prime minister resigned. Leo Varadkar will remain as caretaker leader while the country struggles to form a government after a fractured election where Sinn Fein won its best-ever result. Varadkar’s party, Fine Gael, and Fianna Fáil, which won the most seats, have been reluctant to form a government with the left-wing party because of its IRA past.

US visa curbs on six new countries came into effect. The Trump administration’s latest list of countries targeted for travel restrictions includes Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar.

Roger Stone got 40 months in prison. The fate of Donald Trump’s close ally became something of a test for the US justice system, after attorney general William Barr walked back a sentencing recommendation from federal prosecutors following criticism from the president. The Republican strategist was convicted last year of lying to Congress.

Ukrainians protested against coronavirus quarantine plans. People threw stones at a bus carrying Ukrainian evacuees from China after a hoax email said some of them had the virus, prompting president Volodymr Zelensky to call for empathy and say protesters showed “not the best side of our character.”

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The third-largest sector in the B Corp community might surprise you. Financial services companies are increasingly seeking B Corp certification and taking on a purpose beyond the bottom line. Quartz’s Cassie Werber reports on an industry in flux and the next generation of financiers.

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Pole dancing moves out of the strip club. The art of pole dancing can trace its roots to the Indian pastime of Mallakhamb; it’s only within the past 50 years or so that it became synonymous with stripping. More recently, pole dancing has found favor as a celebrity-driven fitness trend and international competitive sport. Next stop: the Olympics? Go for a spin with the Quartz Daily Obsession.

Matters of debate

The best career advice for teens focuses on what you can’t plan. Life is unpredictable, especially for female professionals.

Machine learning can’t fix algorithmic bias. There comes a time when people problems need to be solved by people.

Authoritarianism can’t kill a good movie. Under political repression, cinema can become another form of resistance.

Surprising discoveries

A fat tongue makes people more likely to snore. The finding comes from a new MRI study on sleep apnea.

Coronavirus may have reduced China’s carbon emissions by 25%. The drop was due to lower demand for electricity during the outbreak.

Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time high… in India. Up to 56% of Indians think the US president will “do the right thing” in world affairs.

Investors are lining up for Liquid Death. The death-metal-themed water-in-a-can concept just raised $9 million in funding.

McDonald’s wants to sell you a burger-scented candle set. You could of course use “ketchup” or “100% fresh beef” on their own.

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