🌏 Tesla commits to China

Plus: What is the Good Friday Agreement?

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Tesla is building a new factory in Shanghai. The EV company will make its Megapack batteries at the new facility, deepening its investment in China despite trade tensions with the US.

China ran military drills around Taiwan. The three days of exercises started Saturday after Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen returned from meeting with US lawmakers.


Joe Biden will visit Ireland to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement. In the first official visit to his ancestral homeland as US president, he’ll address lawmakers at the seat of Northern Ireland legislature on Tuesday (more below).

Leaked Pentagon documents pointed to weaknesses in Ukraine’s military. One report indicated the country’s air defense might not hold up its front line against Russia through May.


Businesses are pouring money into AI

Pop quiz: How much greater was corporate investment in AI last year compared to a decade ago?

A. 3 times
B. 9 times
C. 13 times
D. 22 times

Find the answer in Clarisa Diaz’s report, which also tracked the biggest AI deals in 2022.


What is the Good Friday Agreement?

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Photo: Evelyn Hockstein (Reuters)

The Belfast Agreement, more commonly known as the Good Friday Agreement, was a 1998 peace accord intended to end decades of political violence between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. The conflict was known as the Troubles.

Biden’s trip comes at a turbulent political time in Northern Ireland. The Democratic Unionist Party, the country’s largest pro-British unionist party, is holding fast in the face of proposed reforms that would allow Northern Ireland to maintain a closer trade relationship with the European Union, post-Brexit. London and Brussels reached a preliminary agreement on the new trade rules in February.


America’s post-covid economic recovery has been remarkable

3: Years it took for prime-age labor force participation to recover in the US after the pandemic, compared to 12 years after the 2008 financial crisis.


It’s one of the stats that shows Americans have just lived through the fastest economic recovery in three decades.

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Surprising discoveries

Climate change is increasing the number of baseball homeruns. A warmer planet led to more than 500 out-of-the-park hits since 2010.


Uranus got a close up. The James Webb Telescope gave us an up-close look at the planet’s rings, only the third time they’ve ever been photographed by an instrument in space.

A snake caused an emergency plane landing in South Africa. Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t there, but a cape cobra was hanging out under the pilot’s seat.


Ramen sales are still spicy. Sales for Cup Noodles maker Nissin are up 41% year over year as its pandemic growth stays hot.

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